Little sketchbook in the museum.

There’s a wonderful exhibit at the RISD Museum called Lines of Thought:Drawing from Michelangelo to Now.

One of my students is an art historian and she gave an inspiring lecture to accompany the show, some of these are from her talk.dp2630_1.jpegdp2630_2.jpeg

(My note “Michelangelo was there” refers to the fact that Sandy, our class art historian, told us that Michelangelo was present when the Laocoön was unearthed in Rome in 1506.


cosmos bouquet

dp2619 copy.jpg

I started this one in late September when the Cosmos were abundant (on a Masons plate from my dad), worked back into it last week. Watercolor on cradled panel, 11″x14″. It is now on display at Studio Hop (810 Hope St., Providence, RI, 401-621-2262).  I will be there tomorrow! Sunday, November 26 from 12-5PM, doing an oil painting demonstration from a still life.