Moveable Paintbox Workshop! April 28 and 29, Washington Dc

Margaret and I have hatched a new workshop.  We’ll demonstrate and teach our method for painting and drawing on the spot.

Workshop schedule:
Saturday, April 28, 1-5PM, McLean, VA  and  Sunday, April 29 from  11AM-2PM National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Saturday’s portion of the workshop will be held at a private 17th-century farmhouse filled with interesting objects. On Sunday we will visit the National Gallery of Art and sketch from the collection.

 Information and registration here.


After Bonnard
The Jackson House
After Vuillard


Portrait landmarks

Providence RI: I am teaching an 11 week roving watercolor sketch course on Thursday afternoons starting February 1.  Click here for more information and registration.

Below are portrait landmark notes made in my oil painting class.

portrait landmakrs 1 copy.jpg

Portrait proportions after Sargent’s Lady Agnew of Lochnaw.  These are the landmarks I think of when drawing a human head.  Please note the measurements only hold true when looking directly at the subject at eye level.


I tend to think about the portrait landmarks in this order

  • Vertical center line
  • Top of hair
  • Top of head
  • hair / brow line
  • Eye Brow level
  • Eye level (I measure at the tear duct)
  • Bottom of nose
  • Tops and bottoms of ears
  • Line where the lips meet
  • Bottom of  the chin

Landscape sketching workshop and classes, Rhode Island

There are still spots in next Friday’s landscape sketching workshop and in my September garden on-the-spot classes.  The sessions will be an opportunity to sketch on-the-spot, responding to the information at hand in watercolor, pen and ink or oil.  Information here.

garden watercolor painting

In the painting above I worked from photographs of next Friday’s location, combining the references and adding ideas inspired by my own musings on the gardener and late-summer garden possibilities.  In addition I layered color in an attempt to convey depth and vibrancy.

During our Friday sessions we will discus not only capturing what we see but also emphasizing what is interesting to our eye and what serves the composition.