Passenger side

  Long traffic light, interesting church. I opened the glove compartment box to find a ball point pen and this little book that Katy gave me to keep there. Satisfying to have because it seems for the past two weeks on vacation that I do find moments to sketch but nothing to sketch with, and when I have materials I do not have any time.  Thanks Katy!



WaterFire, Providence, RI, I was struck by how peaceful it was, when I walked through there was cello music being piped along the river.  Sketched it this morning, in the tiny sketchbook, it is a version of “sketch it first, paint it later” except this time it was “think it first, paint it later”.

Cityscape Providence, RI


This morning I scoped out our cityscape location for friday’s class.  There was an exercise class meeting in the same space/time.  I was delighted by how helpful the instructor’s advice was to my own endeavor:

“Practice makes progress. You’re stronger than you think. Keep breathing. Geronimo.” Indeed.

The painting is available on etsy.


My process for this sketch

  • Loose sketch in pencil to give myself a chance to feel through some of the shapes
  • Began the painting with paint
  • Focal point was the clump of yellow trees
  • Made marks for the lightest bits: yellow and orange
  • Tried to keep things very small indeed!
  • This panel was not designed for watercolor, dried slowly, beaded up.
  • Moved around the composition to let the paint dry
  • Used white to mix neutrals
  • Deepened the darks
  • Added the burgundy pen, tried to keep a very light hand


Carpet shop interior sketch class

carpet shop watercolor sketch

From our class at Loominous Rugs in Providence, RI.  Once again our approcah was to choose a focal point and build the picture around that. 8″x10″, Watercolor and pen on aqua board panel.

Below is a photo reference of my subject, heres my approach: I

1. chose the ornamental grasses as my focal point 2. worked small in order to make room for a ground plane 3. emphasized the colors and shapes that pleased me 4. compressed the space so that I could fit in more shapes and colors 5. put the brick wall on both sides of the carpet 6. changed the shape of the carpet in the foreground.


Bookstore sketch

paper nautilus books

I love sketching in Paper Nautilus Books.  Our class met there yesterday, again, and it was wonderful again.  I am so impressed with our ability to work with the overabundance of visual information.  All of us were inclined to focus on an object rather than dealing with the complexity of the interior as a whole.  But we did so by finding a focal point, using that as a key and working out from that point.  Even when that meant (and it did in every case) that the composition took us places we didn’t expect.  Beginning with a focal point, while leaving room for much more on the page, allowed us all to tackle complex spaces and lots of stuff.  Bravo for us!

My focal point was a gold leaf frame on the wall in the distance.  In it happened to be one of my paintings (really Margaret?) of the windows at Paper Nautilus. A few of these are included in the collection of art and objects on display and for sale at the shop.