Last week I began working back into an idea from several years ago.  This coincided with hearing from artists that I worked with in Morocco.

I’ve had a painting-actually two, one oil and one watercolor- of the courtyard at the Bahia Palace in progress since 2016 and got the itch to work back into them. I feel a sense of freedom and excitement having an idea come back to me and change shape. I remember observing this couple and their child, years ago now, and here they are again.


dp2694_1 copy.jpgdp2694_2 copy.jpg

Moveable Paintbox Workshop! April 28 and 29, Washington Dc

Margaret and I have hatched a new workshop.  We’ll demonstrate and teach our method for painting and drawing on the spot.

Workshop schedule:
Saturday, April 28, 1-5PM, McLean, VA  and  Sunday, April 29 from  11AM-2PM National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Saturday’s portion of the workshop will be held at a private 17th-century farmhouse filled with interesting objects. On Sunday we will visit the National Gallery of Art and sketch from the collection.

 Information and registration here.


After Bonnard
The Jackson House
After Vuillard


Peruvian Retablo at peaceable kingdom

From a wonderful art class at Peaceable Kingdom on Ives St. in Providence.  Joan and her husband have a fabulous collection from around the globe.  It was hard to settle down and sketch one thing but I managed with this …are you ready? dog party retablo.  Can you believe it?  I think it might be my bravest sketch ever, small endeavor that it was.  I love my paint box, not because it allows me to capture what I am seeing but because it helps me enjoy it, and life, more.dp2646_1.jpeg

dp2646_1 copy.jpg
we started with color swatches
Peruvian Retablo from Peaceable Kingdom

Partial Tree, RI Statehouse


I went to the RI Satehouse last Wednesday to do a bit of research for our roving watercolor class. Turns out they were putting up the tree, or had been.  I knew the tree was scheduled to be lit in the coming days but surprised me, somehow, to see the opened boxes and leaning ladders.  Thrilling to be in the grand rotunda with that incredible tree! Looking forward to going back with my students.

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