le Jardin des Plantes

jardin des plantes

Friday we took the Bateau Bus to the Jardin des Plantes.  After finishing my sketch I walked over to E. and looked at hers.  I loved it and pulled out my camera to take a photograph of what she was looking at.  But the painting wash’t there.  All of the elements were there -the particular plants shapes, color cues, various figures moving in and out, pathway-but E. had used them as raw material and gauged their scale and position to create a dynamic composition composition .  It was exciting to see. (I was sitting under and to the left of the tree on the right of E’s sketch.  Her sketch is 5″x8″, in a regular, light-weight, moleskine sketchbook.  Mine is 5″x7″ on aqua board.jardin des plantes watercolor

sketching at a cafe

sketching at a cafe

After emerging from the Musee Delacroix (with his studio and wonderful garden) the rain came down.  So we ducked into cafe au Chai de l’Abbaye on Rue de Bourbon le Chateau where E. made this sketch of a wooden figure of a girl in a shop window who reminded her of Velazquez’s las Meninas except with leaves in her hair. I watched the drawing unfold with my mouth full of duck pate.

cafe sketch