Sheldon Fine Art asked if I would be making anymore bird paintings and this was enough to get me going. Sketching these Orchard Orioles I listened to some birdsong related interviews from Donald Kroodsma’s website. Bioacoustics-new idea to me, so interesting. At my shoulder, so to speak, are friends and fellow NYAA grads Holly Wach and E. Holly and I often walk together in the early morning, she points out birds and bird facts to me and we wonder together about them. When E and I went to Paris last month the trip was characterized by song beginning with birdsong in the partially outdoor airport terminal at Charles de Gaulle where her plane landed, coming through the apartment windows and through various church concerts (Saint-Louis-en-I’île, Saint-Julien-le Pauvre, Saint-Germain-des-Prés).

Concert at Saint Louis en I’lle

While wandering the I’lleSaint LouisElizabth noticed musicians outside the Eglise Saint Louis en islle. We went in and listened to a magnificent concert-orchestra, chorus and poetry. We found sanctuary, relief from the hot afternoon and then were filled up by this extraordinary music and drew, it felt miraculous being held by all that beauty.

Before and after

These are snapshots of nibbles before and after our workshop. We really enjoyed working with the painters. Thank you all again for coming. We are excited about tomorrow at the National Gallery.

Allowing for a transformative experience

I asked Elizabeth why she thought we do what we do and what we hope to teach in our upcoming workshop.  I am moved by what she wrote:

“I went on a walk and tried to get words around it. It’s hard because it involves a way of thinking about life as well as a way to practically get more art into every day.

What we’ve been able to figure out with practice has to do with allowing for pleasure, for contemplation, for meditation, for beauty, for, and I believe this with my whole heart, a transformative experience.

What we are really doing when we draw every day is to see and interpret and transform our experience of the everyday. Elevating it and us with it. “

In an ideal world I would have worked a bit longer at this sketch, found more information, this is what I made with the time I had.

This is a corner of my Dad’s study at the Jackson House, it gives a taste of the density of stuff in his house.  I like the contrast between interior and exterior and the pice of pottery thrills me.

Here is a link to our quick sketch workshop in the DC area April 28&29.