Intrepid sketch artists

Thinking through the perspective

Yesterday we began the summer session of roving watercolor classes in North Providence. Once again I am impressed with my intrepid students and by the fact that we can all sit down to make a picture in a busy day. To go someplace new, brave the unexpected, figure out where I am in the park, even. After all that they are greeted with a combination architectural / water feature (gasp). I am amazed they don’t go running to sit down to a nice civilized lunch instead. Of all things, with so much to do, despite the traffic and being needed by family/people/groups, and a complicated bridge staring them in the face we sit down for a few minutes and paint. dp2793_2.png




Fountain in the woods: color swatches and demo sketch


From our weekend workshop–it was a thrill to see the students pour themselves into their sketchbooks.  Two different vantage points of the same woodsy fountain, for two groups of students, here they are looking toward the fountain (I don’t have a picture of the fountain itself), working away.

moveableworkshop_2018_2.jpg    moveableworkshop_2018_1.jpg