a few minutes, bedtime

Sitting in bed next to my son as we read our books I thought to myself something along the lines of “I don’t have time to draw anything” but also “even a few minutes would be worth while”.

Then I noticed that there was a pencil in my hand (I like to write in my books) and space on the book mark.  (Incidentally, the stuffed Corgi appears larger than it is in life.)


thumbnail portraits in white chalk on black paper

thumbnail portraits in white chalk on black paper

Demo sketches from Friday’s session of the Drawing Room at the RISD Museum in Pendleton House.

We began by examining William C. Loring’s portrait of Miss. Whitten, looking at the structure of the head and neck as well as the composition of the painting. Then we looked for the composition and value structure in other portraits using white chalk on black paper.

superstructure of Miss. whitten, loring miss witten, Loring