City view from Bold Point Park

From roving watercolor class today. I started with a bit of green at about the middle of my page and worked my way from there, one thing to the next. Below are a few of our sketches which I thought came out beautifully. The challenge is screening out the cacophony of information to see the whole, but express it through the parts…as always I am grateful to the intrepid participants for dealing with unexpected parking challenges. It was a gorgeous day, breezy under the trees and we were serenaded by Robbins . Once again I noticed what feels phenomenal-that the longer I sat sketching and looking at things, the more interested I became in them and the more affection I felt for them, the more I enjoyed myself. this is a screenshot from an app I am very god of called “WeCroak”.

Intrepid sketch artists

Thinking through the perspective

Yesterday we began the summer session of roving watercolor classes in North Providence. Once again I am impressed with my intrepid students and by the fact that we can all sit down to make a picture in a busy day. To go someplace new, brave the unexpected, figure out where I am in the park, even. After all that they are greeted with a combination architectural / water feature (gasp). I am amazed they don’t go running to sit down to a nice civilized lunch instead. Of all things, with so much to do, despite the traffic and being needed by family/people/groups, and a complicated bridge staring them in the face we sit down for a few minutes and paint. dp2793_2.png