composition idea


A watercolor study combining my own photo references after studying Sorolla. Part of a class I am teaching, that hinges on an ocean theme: we are examining other paintings and gathering ideas from that process to influence how we create compositions and paintings from our own photo references. I am enjoying the process.  Looking at Sorolla influenced how I saw and chose my references and expanded my sense of possibility.

Now its time to go sledding!!!

Ocean sketch notes

Homework for my ocean painting class is to make 2 sketches, any media.  They can be 60 second thumbnails or more comprehensive sketches from life or any reference. I encourage students to study paintings they like.

2 ” thumbnail sketch, pencil on paper
6″ composition and color study (2 h pencil)
seashore watercolor
I worked into the above sketch with more color and pencil (a darker pencil this time)