Chintz Samurai

Color added to an existing sketch.  Being in the museum Wednesday reminded me of a sketch from a few weeks ago of a piece by Comme des Garçons which is currently on display in the 20th century gallery at the RISD museum (just steps away from temporary exhibition of impressionist work that includes a Van Gogh Drawing -thrilling to see in person). I returned to the sketch to add color.

dp2398_CDG copy.jpg
Sketch it first
Paint it weeks later

Museum sketching with color added later

dp2397 copy.jpg
After William T Aldrich

These began as demo sketches in the RISD Museums Center for Prints Drawings and Photographs. We began with simple shapes, in the lobby we spent a few minutes adding color.  Last night at my kitchen table I lingered over them and let the colors develop.

dp2399 copy.jpg
After John La Farge
dp2399_2 copy.jpg
After Johan Barthold Jongkind

Special Collections

dp2361_2 copy.jpg

From an intoxicating afternoon wallowing in facsimiles of artists sketchbooks in the RISD Library’s Special Collections department. I had to work to pull myself together in order to move the pencil around on the page. These after Whayne Thiebaud‘s thumbnails.

Museum sketch

After Mary Cassatt and Angela O’Leary

Yesterday’s watercolor class met at the RISD Museums Minskoff Center for Prints, Drawings and Photos.  We were absolutely dazzled by works on paper by Mary Cassatt, Angela O’Leary (new to me), John Singer Sargent and others.  managed to make some sketches

After Sargent