Sketching workshop at Bryant

Photos and demo sketches from a workshop at Bryant U for a Creativity and the Arts course taught by Joan Zaretti.  The students were fabulous! We went over guidelines for drawing from art. (Like the thumbnail sketching tutorial here.) We worked from university portraits but also tackled Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa, Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, as well as a Cezanne and a Monet from the RISD Museum collection.

I found the work of Suzanne Hodes in the Bryant art collection and had trouble pulling myself away.

Little sketchbook in the museum.

There’s a wonderful exhibit at the RISD Museum called Lines of Thought:Drawing from Michelangelo to Now.

One of my students is an art historian and she gave an inspiring lecture to accompany the show, some of these are from her talk.dp2630_1.jpegdp2630_2.jpeg

(My note “Michelangelo was there” refers to the fact that Sandy, our class art historian, told us that Michelangelo was present when the Laocoön was unearthed in Rome in 1506.


Le Corbusier, Lichtenstein, Prendergast

These sketches are from a class trip to the RISD Library’s department of Special Collections where we studies facsimile sketchbooks of various artists. They feel like actual sketchbooks and it’s thrilling to see the wide variety of kinds of images in them, from a barely there thought to something fully realized and everything in between, so many wonderful surprises-Jewel box.

After Le Courbusier
After Lichtenstein
After Prendergast

Sketches from the RISD Museum Prints, Drawings and Photographs

From an incredible class visit to Prints Drawings and Photographs in the Siskind/Minskoff Center where they pulled a group of works on paper from the collection for us, with a focus on small, loose and sketchy. After our appointment we added color to some of our sketches at tables in the lobby.

After Granet
After Bakast
After Signac
After Signac-these two particularly killed me with delight.
after Whistler
after Constable