Last week I began working back into an idea from several years ago.  This coincided with hearing from artists that I worked with in Morocco.

I’ve had a painting-actually two, one oil and one watercolor- of the courtyard at the Bahia Palace in progress since 2016 and got the itch to work back into them. I feel a sense of freedom and excitement having an idea come back to me and change shape. I remember observing this couple and their child, years ago now, and here they are again.


dp2694_1 copy.jpgdp2694_2 copy.jpg

Announcing Moroccan Sketchbook 2016, May 16-20

Ocean waves outside the city ramparts, Essaouira
Ocean waves outside the city ramparts, Essaouira

We have the dates for Moroccan Sketchbook 2016!  May 16-20.  Details here. We hope you can join us for the fifth year of this travel painting and drawing workshop in Morocco.

moroccan roses
Roses at breakfast, Villa Maroc, Essaouira

Looking for moroccansketchbook.com? You have found it: In the interest of streamlining our web presence we’ve consolidated our workshop information, its now all right here in the menu section of our blog (which can be found in the upper right hand corner on most browsers).