Museum sketching with color added later

dp2397 copy.jpg
After William T Aldrich

These began as demo sketches in the RISD Museums Center for Prints Drawings and Photographs. We began with simple shapes, in the lobby we spent a few minutes adding color.  Last night at my kitchen table I lingered over them and let the colors develop.

dp2399 copy.jpg
After John La Farge
dp2399_2 copy.jpg
After Johan Barthold Jongkind

Backpack, water bottles, classroom


dp2367_3.jpgdp2367_2.jpgdp2367_4 copy.jpg

Demos from a quick-sketch workshop, part of a course on creativity, at Bryant University. It was exciting, miraculous, really, for me to see groups of business school students fill their sketchbook pages with color, using only what was at hand in an unadorned, institutional classroom.