Swatches of green + plant life color impressions

Color Impression: Hosta

Demos from this month’s Hands On Art at the RISD Museum for Third Thursday.  We painted in the Radeke Garden.  I will be there to make art in the galleries and garden in July and August as well, third Thursdays, 6-8PM.

Color Impression: Fern
Swatches of “Green”

yellow                yellow & green              yellow & blue            yellow & brown

green                    green & yellow             green & blue              green & brownrisd_6:15_blue:green_color_swatches.jpg

blue                           blue  & yellow           blue  & green              blue  & brown  

Mixing greens


I forget how much time I have spent mixing colors and have to think hard about how to describe what I am doing. The goal of this exercise is to embrace the idea that all of the colors in the box can be used to make variations on “green”, or any other “color”.  And to be aware of the spectrum of colors within what might first appear to be one color.

Watercolor class exercise: we began with the light green from our box and mixed it with all the other colors in the box, one by one.

Then mixed our dark green with each color in the box.