WaterFire, Providence, RI, I was struck by how peaceful it was, when I walked through there was cello music being piped along the river.  Sketched it this morning, in the tiny sketchbook, it is a version of “sketch it first, paint it later” except this time it was “think it first, paint it later”.

Backpack, water bottles, classroom


dp2367_3.jpgdp2367_2.jpgdp2367_4 copy.jpg

Demos from a quick-sketch workshop, part of a course on creativity, at Bryant University. It was exciting, miraculous, really, for me to see groups of business school students fill their sketchbook pages with color, using only what was at hand in an unadorned, institutional classroom.

Special Collections

dp2361_2 copy.jpg

From an intoxicating afternoon wallowing in facsimiles of artists sketchbooks in the RISD Library’s Special Collections department. I had to work to pull myself together in order to move the pencil around on the page. These after Whayne Thiebaud‘s thumbnails.