Japanese Anemones in a JugTown pot


My dad and I picked these Anemones last weekend on a night walk with his dog for this Jugtown pitcher.  -I noticed the pitcher first while cleaning up after dinner and decided we’d better go out and cut some flowers for it.  I have never noticed the Japanese Anemones in his garden before but he says they’ve been there for 20 years.


Farmers Market painting with thumbnails

I’ll be at the Providence Artisans Market tomorrow, September 2 from 9AM-12PM at Lippitt Park in conjunction with the Hope Street Farmer’s Market.  I will have a few paintings, including this one, on display along with information about my fall classes.

dp2518_4 copy.jpg

Below are my thumbnail sketches and first pass color impression.

dp2518_2.jpeg   dp2518.jpeg

dp2518_3 copy.jpg