Plum Painting with thumbnails

dp2534_5 copy.jpg

Plum painting on aquaboard with thumbnail sketches.  from the Hope St. Farmer’s Market at Lippitt Park in Providence, RI.



Farmers Market painting with thumbnails

I’ll be at the Providence Artisans Market tomorrow, September 2 from 9AM-12PM at Lippitt Park in conjunction with the Hope Street Farmer’s Market.  I will have a few paintings, including this one, on display along with information about my fall classes.

dp2518_4 copy.jpg

Below are my thumbnail sketches and first pass color impression.

dp2518_2.jpeg   dp2518.jpeg

dp2518_3 copy.jpg

Yellowtail Snapper



Sketch it first paint it later.  One morning last week at the market I saw these pink and green striped fish.  It was early and quiet there at the fish counter and I thought, “What would E., do?”. I sketched in an idea of them with color notes.  back at home I added paint.

Memory Bouquet

lavener and pink flowers bouquet watercolor

I began this weeks ago but got sidetracked after the first few minutes.  The bouquet is long gone but I worked from the flowers so many times, last night worked from memory.  The little red berries were entirely invented, but I had planned that from the get go, even when I thought I would be working from life. 8″x10″, Watercolor and the narrow side of a tombow pen on cradled aquaboard panel-its a struggle to be loose on the panels, and with the heavier pen but I will continue to persist.  Its better after a year.  Last year I couldn’t really manage anything at all on these panels but in the last two months I’ve been able to use them. I’ll bring this with me to Studio Hop today.