bouquet revisited

autumn bouquet watercolor

A bouquet from the garden in autumn (Marigold, Sage, Sedum, Butterfly bush, Russian Sage, Basil, Echinacea, a few leaves from a Blueberry bush) in a tea mug.  I began (on a canvas made for watercolor) but set it aside because it wasn’t coming to much, felt dull.  Came back to it last night to look for more and deeper color. 9″x12″.

Memory Bouquet

lavener and pink flowers bouquet watercolor

I began this weeks ago but got sidetracked after the first few minutes.  The bouquet is long gone but I worked from the flowers so many times, last night worked from memory.  The little red berries were entirely invented, but I had planned that from the get go, even when I thought I would be working from life. 8″x10″, Watercolor and the narrow side of a tombow pen on cradled aquaboard panel-its a struggle to be loose on the panels, and with the heavier pen but I will continue to persist.  Its better after a year.  Last year I couldn’t really manage anything at all on these panels but in the last two months I’ve been able to use them. I’ll bring this with me to Studio Hop today.