Collaborating with Juniper Blue Studio

A gorgeous bouquet from Juniper Blue floral Studio!  I asked Moriah, the designer at Juniper Blue to create a bouquet for me-she has a sensitivity to shapes and textures that moves me.  This week I have the pleasure of sketching and painting this bouquet in my studio. I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’ll send E some photos so she can join us. It feels like, gosh,  Christmas.

My studio doors are open this month, if you’d like to schedule a visit and see my work in progress with Moriah’s arrangement click here to choose a time.

cosmos bouquet

dp2619 copy.jpg

I started this one in late September when the Cosmos were abundant (on a Masons plate from my dad), worked back into it last week. Watercolor on cradled panel, 11″x14″. It is now on display at Studio Hop (810 Hope St., Providence, RI, 401-621-2262).  I will be there tomorrow! Sunday, November 26 from 12-5PM, doing an oil painting demonstration from a still life.


8″x8″, watercolor on cradled watercolor panel. From my series of autumn roses (which, on one hand, had been sneaking up since January, still it caught me by surprise, I had never been so interested in roses)  at Studio Hop in Providence, RI (401-621-2262).