Passenger side

  Long traffic light, interesting church. I opened the glove compartment box to find a ball point pen and this little book that Katy gave me to keep there. Satisfying to have because it seems for the past two weeks on vacation that I do find moments to sketch but nothing to sketch with, and when I have materials I do not have any time.  Thanks Katy!

Ladd Observatory watercolor class notes

dp2466_1 copy.jpg

Observatory sketch, watercolor class demo.dp2466_midline_curves copy.jpg

We began by finding the proportions of the structure (green box) and a plumb line (blue).  From there we found curves that described the form from our perspective (red).  We built an armature with that information and fit the details onto it.


Above I have desaturated the image and increased the contrast to show the value structure underlying the color.


Color swatches