cityscape watercolor

City view from the first floor of the Providence Mall. 8″x10″, watercolor and pen on aqua board panel.

cityscape sketch

5″x5″ in a lightweight soft sketchbook (moleskine cahier).

Cityscape Providence, RI


This morning I scoped out our cityscape location for friday’s class.  There was an exercise class meeting in the same space/time.  I was delighted by how helpful the instructor’s advice was to my own endeavor:

“Practice makes progress. You’re stronger than you think. Keep breathing. Geronimo.” Indeed.

The painting is available on etsy.


My process for this sketch

  • Loose sketch in pencil to give myself a chance to feel through some of the shapes
  • Began the painting with paint
  • Focal point was the clump of yellow trees
  • Made marks for the lightest bits: yellow and orange
  • Tried to keep things very small indeed!
  • This panel was not designed for watercolor, dried slowly, beaded up.
  • Moved around the composition to let the paint dry
  • Used white to mix neutrals
  • Deepened the darks
  • Added the burgundy pen, tried to keep a very light hand


a few minutes pre-dawn

pencil sketch, street

I drew this yesterday, from my car, looking up the street as I waited for my running buddy in the pre-dawn. (She is not a morning person, which makes her efforts heroic, unfathomable to me.  I pop out of bed in the morning, its the other side of the day that I find daunting: if I had my druthers I’d be in my pajamas at 4 pm.) This sketch is on the back of an expired auto insurance policy from the glove box which reminds me that I need to equip it with a sketchbook, Katy gave me one last year for just this purpose, the sketchbooks seem to find each other, a nest of several in the same spot rather than sprinkled in pockets and drawers.