Rooftops of Rome

IMG_5629.JPGfrom the rooftop of the apartment where we are staying in Rome. Worked in in two parts to suit the time available: I started the sketch (10x30cm) one day , laying in the simple shapes and some broad color, and finished it another adding more color and information with pencil.

Reviving a fragment


Thoughts on expanding on  a fragment:

Today’s post started out as a sketch Elizabeth made in the 10 seconds before a performance, from a circus poster of a black and white  lithograph by Edgar Chahine.  This morning she expanded on this fragment by introducing color.

Often we find that there is something we began in our sketchbook but didn’t have time to pursue (I don’t write finish, as that’s a another matter altogether).  Instead of leaving it for dead,  we have been looking for ways to revisit the idea, to add color and line  from what we remember observing or what pleases us right now.

Its an opportunity to explore a visual idea with nothing to lose.