Sheldon Fine Art asked if I would be making anymore bird paintings and this was enough to get me going. Sketching these Orchard Orioles I listened to some birdsong related interviews from Donald Kroodsma’s website. Bioacoustics-new idea to me, so interesting. At my shoulder, so to speak, are friends and fellow NYAA grads Holly Wach and E. Holly and I often walk together in the early morning, she points out birds and bird facts to me and we wonder together about them. When E and I went to Paris last month the trip was characterized by song beginning with birdsong in the partially outdoor airport terminal at Charles de Gaulle where her plane landed, coming through the apartment windows and through various church concerts (Saint-Louis-en-I’île, Saint-Julien-le Pauvre, Saint-Germain-des-Prés).


Sketched this morning while reading a newspaper article about the capture, handing and release of about 700 of these little owls locally.

The banding part is meant to help with data collection. It is a good thing for the birds, I read. I wonder then, why this practice makes me feel weak?

I can’t imagine the terror the owl might experience when caught or the strange heaviness it can’t understand or remove from its leg once “successfully banded and released”.  In the air, the dynamics of flight must change and then there is the worry of the band catching on something or chafing, or as a material, responding to temperature differently from the living leg it is attached to.