Peruvian Retablo at peaceable kingdom

From a wonderful art class at Peaceable Kingdom on Ives St. in Providence.  Joan and her husband have a fabulous collection from around the globe.  It was hard to settle down and sketch one thing but I managed with this …are you ready? dog party retablo.  Can you believe it?  I think it might be my bravest sketch ever, small endeavor that it was.  I love my paint box, not because it allows me to capture what I am seeing but because it helps me enjoy it, and life, more.dp2646_1.jpeg

dp2646_1 copy.jpg
we started with color swatches
Peruvian Retablo from Peaceable Kingdom

Class notes, figure

note on a bit of tracing paper

I ran across this drawing notation made about a student’s drawing and wanted to see if I could piece the picture together from the notation and what I remembered about her photo an description of the moment-a happy boy and all that dog!

picture in my (lightweight) sketchbook (not on tracing paper though it looks it)


Sketched this morning while reading a newspaper article about the capture, handing and release of about 700 of these little owls locally.

The banding part is meant to help with data collection. It is a good thing for the birds, I read. I wonder then, why this practice makes me feel weak?

I can’t imagine the terror the owl might experience when caught or the strange heaviness it can’t understand or remove from its leg once “successfully banded and released”.  In the air, the dynamics of flight must change and then there is the worry of the band catching on something or chafing, or as a material, responding to temperature differently from the living leg it is attached to.