Swatches of green + plant life color impressions

Color Impression: Hosta

Demos from this month’s Hands On Art at the RISD Museum for Third Thursday.  We painted in the Radeke Garden.  I will be there to make art in the galleries and garden in July and August as well, third Thursdays, 6-8PM.

Color Impression: Fern
Swatches of “Green”

yellow                yellow & green              yellow & blue            yellow & brown

green                    green & yellow             green & blue              green & brownrisd_6:15_blue:green_color_swatches.jpg

blue                           blue  & yellow           blue  & green              blue  & brown  

Closet sketches

I tape sketches like  these on to my closet calendar to plan in advance, for fewer decisions later. I find it a great relief knowing that I am already finished thinking about how to dress myself for the entire week to come.

Sailboats at Beavertail

dp2451 copy.jpgdp2452 copy.jpg

Last Friday’s painting class in Jamestown coincided with a New York Yacht Club race.  The day was dazzling to begin with and then interesting sailing vessels appeared one after another and in large groups-wonderous.