About us

Margaret painting rooflines in Marrakech
Margaret painting rooflines in Marrakech

painting on the Seine, parise_demoDemo sketch at the seawall in Essaouria, April 2013

Demo sketch at the seawall in Essaouria, April  2013

Moveablepaintbox is dedicated to developing a seamless connection between art and life. To that end, we sketch, paint  and post nearly every day.
We are Margaret Owen and Elizabeth Hutchinson. We met each other years ago in NYC while studying classical painting.

Our efforts have paid off:  spring of 2014, in a taxicab heading towards Casablanca, we found ourselves painting the moving landscape. It was one of those moments when something clicks; there was a feeling of freedom from effort with painting combined with  and a sense of possibility to paint  anywhere, anytime.

We occasionally teach water color sketching workshops: for information please check these links.


harry the dog watercolor

12 thoughts on “About us

  1. I love your website. I am new to the world of watercolor…teaching myself since retirement. I am wondering what is the portable watercolor palette you are using. I have several and always looking for a better folding palette. Thank you. Ann

  2. Hello Margaret and Elizabeth. I was so fortunate to have met you on the flight from Amsterdam today, Margaret. I love this website and blog! Normally I come home from a trip and crash on the couch but I have been inspired to paint, paint, paint! I think I have found the next art class I will sign up to take. I certainly like the sound of the classroom! Unfortunately, the dates for the Morocco trip conflict with another thing planned. Maybe the next time. Thank you for looking at my paintings and giving great feedback.
    Laura Pasquariello

  3. Hi Laura, it was a pleasure to meet an artist on the plane! And wonderful that you’ve been painting. I look forward to seeing more of your work. All the best, Margaret

  4. Here it is already June 2016, so I missed out on your Moroccan sketching trip. But looking at the previous sketches with the bright colours laid on, makes me want to do some sketching once again. So seductive.

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