Pink Roses in a jar

pink roses bouquet

I bought these pink roses for Monday’s still life oil painting class and have been enjoying them more and more as the week goes on. The painting is on aqua board and available in my etsy shop.


These were some late night sketches.



5 thoughts on “Pink Roses in a jar

  1. oh wow, margaret, the pink roses in a jar are so utterly beautiful. you know how i am about pink and roses. (and in fact, all my passwords are somewhat of a configuration of that! so now you know!)

  2. Thank you Lorraine and Sue. Lorraine, the roses really did get more beautiful the more I looked, and I was fortunate to be able to paint or teach many different bouquets of them this week! Sue, as far as process goes, I made a first pass at the painting one morning, and a second pass the next, then added pen in yet another sitting. Later on I decided to draw into the painting with pen. Because of the larger scale (for me for a watercolor painting) and rougher surface of the aquaboard I used a thicker pen than usual (the small end of a tombow brush pen).

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