5 thoughts on “Pink Roses in a jar

  1. oh wow, margaret, the pink roses in a jar are so utterly beautiful. you know how i am about pink and roses. (and in fact, all my passwords are somewhat of a configuration of that! so now you know!)

  2. Thank you Lorraine and Sue. Lorraine, the roses really did get more beautiful the more I looked, and I was fortunate to be able to paint or teach many different bouquets of them this week! Sue, as far as process goes, I made a first pass at the painting one morning, and a second pass the next, then added pen in yet another sitting. Later on I decided to draw into the painting with pen. Because of the larger scale (for me for a watercolor painting) and rougher surface of the aquaboard I used a thicker pen than usual (the small end of a tombow brush pen).

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