stack of books, watercolor

stack of books

From yesterday’s stack of books class.

Process: It was difficult to begin with a color impression though that is what I told the students to do.  Myself, as soon as I sat down, I had the pencil out trying to figure the shapes, then I forced myself to pull back to the general, added a color/value to represent the background and shadow side then found those chromatic notes yellow and red.  later in the evening I added the ground color/value and pen.

stack of books watercolor

Above: This time I tried to truly start out with an overall impression, beginning with a bit of color and shadow, and afterward adding pencil, then more color, later on in the evening I added pen which gave the forms more solidity.

stack of books
And these value studies from different perspectives that I did of the stack the oil painters were working from (oil stack here).

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