Teaching sketches from bird sketching mini workshop this morning

IMG_0587These are a few sketches from our mini bird sketching workshop. I made a few construction drawings (left).

The coloured work on the right is really an outline of a participant’s (contour) bird used to show how very little is needed in terms of drawn information since the paint is going to be called on to do all of the heavy lifting to create form, describe texture and colour and all else.

The paint set in the above photo is one I have had and used for at least ten years. I used it when I lived in NYC and love the variety of hues available as well as the beautiful selection of blues in the box. The paints are made by Schmincke. This set has about 48 paints and has a few spots open  for a few extras. The box is black enamel and has a cute little gold owl emblem on the corner.

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