Sketch it now / paint it later

This is a sketch it now, paint it later piece inspired by Saturday’s RISD Museum Ways of Making: Watercolor. (As usual) I was impressed by how much ground the participants covered:  technical exercises, creating their own pieces, observation in the museum,  color impressions from memory as well as sketching in the galleries.

after Matta, The Remainer
after Matta, The Remainer

For this sketch after Roberto Matta’s Remainer, 1945, I started with a rough compositional impression with a hard pencil (the hard pencil makes a light mark) then pocketed the drawing.  In my studio the next day I added color from memory and afterward looked up the piece online to rework my impression.  (I used white acrylic paint to build back some of the lights.)  Working in this way from the art gives me an entirely different understanding and connection to the subject than I experienced from observation alone as well as leading me on a journey through my own process.

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A list of art classes I will be offering in 2016 can be found here.

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