Bookstore window with a big brush and pen

bookstore window painting big brush

Another of the bookstore window.  I chose a large format paper.  Not particularly absorbent but wonderfully smooth, the paint and ink slid around in a pleasing way. Mid way through it occurred to me that a much larger brush would be helpful and I picked up one of my oil painting brights. I also used the largest pen that came to hand.

4 thoughts on “Bookstore window with a big brush and pen

  1. Hi Margaret and Elizabeth…. Just want to say I am enjoying your sketches and paintings of your different topics..birds,state house,flowers, bookstores…etc… it so inspiring to see the different …the relaxations …the freedom of the drawings that you both do… I love it… it helps me to try to put my guard down and let go… rather then be stiff and perfect… keep up the great works….. see you at Drawings:Foundations… I so enjoy the classes we do… and hopefully one day the watercolors… thank you.. Rose Quattrucci

  2. Rose it is wonderful to hear that our postings help you “to put your guard down and let go”. Thank you for letting us know. I am so glad you are enjoying the classes!

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