birds on my mind…


I can’t say why, exactly, but birds have been on my mind yesterday and today.  As I am sketching them I feel like I am finding new ways to use watercolour that seem looser and freer. I don’t know if it looks like that, but that is how it feels. I think this might have something to do with how familiar I feel with how these creatures are constructed, just from years of looking and painting and drawing them maybe. again because they are dear to me.  The original painting is available through Collier West.

I am offering the sparrow as a print . available here, on society 6. 

2 thoughts on “birds on my mind…

  1. They are gorgeous E. , so lively. Your technique does look even more full of life, yes looser, freer. but then there are those moments of precision. and funny how the loose, free application can have a more precise feeling than a more rigid technique. Go E, go!

    1. I love the bird.. it look natural… the colors flows nicely… keep up the great word… I love the movable paint box.

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