portrait of a young cat and our fathers


Margaret sent me two snap shots yesterday of her Dad’s new mouser. The tag line in the email was ” portrait of a young cat”. The cat  has grown since the last time she sent photos for me to draw. As I was sketching it out I was thinking of my own Dad, now gone, who once commented, ” It’s all in the eyes, isn’t it honey”?

Dad and I didn’t talk much about what I do but this comment was a sincere effort to get in there with me,  just for a moment.  So I was thinking about Dad  and shifted the cat’s focus to look right at us, engaging, as cats seldom do, the viewer.



4 thoughts on “portrait of a young cat and our fathers

  1. Hi I’ve been following the movable paint box… you both are just awesome… I do love that view of the cat looking at us…keep up the great work… hoping to catch one of your classes …take care.. always.. Rose Quattrucci

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