sketching birds on ceramic tile

IMG_9111 IMG_9110 IMG_9109 IMG_9108 IMG_9107 IMG_9105 IMG_9104

These tiles are about 5″ square. I say about because I rolled the clay out and cut it myself and so they are a bit wonky.

I sketched  some of the birds with a pottery pencil and some with a Chinese brush dipped in colour stains my pottery teacher  set out in an ice cube tray.

4 thoughts on “sketching birds on ceramic tile

  1. These are terrific. Question: can you do this on commercial tiles? Most are glazed so would they need to be sanded and then primed with…what kind of primer? What type of paint would be appropriate? Thanks and hope to hear!

    1. Thanks so much GC for your comment. I used a clay that fires that off white colour for the tiles, rolled it out with a rolling pin, cut to size and then, when they had been fired once, I drew on them with a pottery pencil. I also used a Chinese brush and some stains, (again from a potter, so I am guessing from a pottery supply place) with a clear glaze over the whole thing.
      I am not sure about the commercial tile since I’ve never used it to draw on. I think I did see a post on pinterest though a while back about using pre-made pottery and sharpie pens, maybe(?). I think the idea was to draw on the already glazed piece with the sharpie and then bake it to cure in the oven. Does anybody else know about this who might be able to comment here for GS? Sorry I can’t be of very much help but maybe another reader will know. Thanks:)

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