chip and thoughts on 1000 posts


I’m not sure what number this one is, but we passed the 1000th post this week. I just want to take a moment to thank everybody who reads this blog and to thank  my dear friend Margaret, well, for everything. Thanks!

Most of the sketches – maybe 500 of them, (is that right?) were made on the fly. Quick is an understatement, and yet, I think that Margaret was onto something, all those years ago when she said that when it comes to art making, she is a big believer in quantity over quality because the later will surely follow the former, given enough time. I have seen this in teaching for sure. Now I appreciate it here on this blog, because I feel that over these 500 or so sketches I am more confident, at least, about mark making, about value and about what belongs to me in terms of my own habits of hand and the way I understand colour.

Thanks again and onward! Here’s to the next 500.

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