1001 daily sketching posts

waiting room books shelf

This is our 1001st  post.  Earlier today E. posted # 1000.  She and I had seen the big number coming up and discussed marking the moment in a special way.  But we’ve been so busy.  And that is what this blog is about: making sketches when it doesn’t feel like you’ve got time to come up with anything special.  So heres to 1000 posts! -daily sketches, moments in the day when we had time to lay hands on pen/pencil/brush and paper. I am thrilled with how much more often I sketch things I would not have tried a few years ago because of time/space and subject matter.  I have a long way to go-there is so much room to open up, to draw more, more often, but I am leaping along in my own way because of this blogging with E. Thanks so much E. and thanks so much to our readers for sharing in this!

About this sketch: another waiting room.  And a sort of now and later (though here it was a few strokes of painting that came first) or reviving a sketch.  In this instance I started the sketch a month ago, then yesterday afternoon found myself in the same space with a few minutes and took it back up again.

And now back to the busy day- a beautiful, warm, summer one here in Rhode Island.

4 thoughts on “1001 daily sketching posts

  1. Congratulations to both of you! You are an inspiration to all of us who follow your posts.

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