RISD Museum, sketches from the sixth floor

Yesterday afternoon Community Music Works performed chamber music in the Grand Gallery as we drew in the 6th floor Asian Art and Textiles galleries.  For me the act of looking, with a pencil in hand, and trying to understand the forms in space is both thrilling and relaxing. The resulting sketches are incidental remains of the activity. It was a wonderful afternoon. Can’t wait for the next session, October 19.chihuly chandelier sketch

Chandelier sketch (Dale Chihuly, 2008).

Teaching notes:

We began by warming up with gesture sketching. Then we tackled subjects such as the one above by 1. beginning with the simple shapes 2. observing the overall proportions 3. differentiating parts: larger/smaller?, darker/lighter? 4. creating space through more detail in the foreground less in the background and 5.  following Elizabeth’s advice to look for what is interesting about the piece to us as an individual viewer.

In the end the proportions may remain elusive and there is always something else that could be adjusted but the process provides a way-in to complicated subject matter, that allows me to create an accurate feeling of my experience with it in my sketchbook.

Tools: we used a Palomino Blackwing soft pencil with eraser conveniently attached and dry media sketchbooks.

chinese chimera sketch

Gesture sketches of a Chinese Chimera from 500 CE.

There are myriad interesting events at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. For more here is a link to their calendar.

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