materials (Elizabeth)

Everything fits into the bag with room for my keys and pocketbook. The brush is one I have had for long time and the information has worn off. It is a Isabey petite gris, although I can not read the size. The pencil is a Palomino Black Wing. I sometimes paste other paper over the covers of the Moleskin notebooks since it helps me grab the one I want when I am flying out the door. I often bring a little tin too (Altoid tins work well) if I am going to be in, say, a museum or restaurant. I use them to sharpen the pencils into. I lost the lid for the  plastic water container a while back and put that little (upside down on the paint box) Chinese tea cup in the kit. While not ideal, there is usually water around and it has worked out so far. One thing I forgot to put in the photo is a sheet or two of bounty paper towel. I mention the brand only because the good stuff works better for painting, since its more absorbent. The little bits of paint around the edge of the paint box are dried up gouache. I have some inexpensive stuff from a Reeves set and a few tubes of Aquarell/Schminke. I like it because sometimes I want the opacity gouache gives. The paints are Sennelier. Margaret and I bought boxes like this to take to Morocco to teach with a few years ago and have been using this brand ever since. I love these paints and have added a few colours to the regular boxes, like Cad. Yellow Deep and a Naples yellow and an earth red, that is like an oxide.

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