Watercolor sketching materials (Margaret)

portable watercolor materials

In my travel sketch pouch (pictured above 6″x 9.5″, something like these or  these) I like to keep a 3″x5″ notebook (Elizabeth gave me a pack this may in Morocco) because they are tiny and can travel anywhere and a 3’x5″ water color sketchbook. The little moleskine and a pencil (especially the older ones which have grown shorter) fit in a pocket too. The water container (1 or 2 oz watertight jar) fits in there along with a couple of paper towels for blotting.

PAINTBOX: Sennelier half pan travel box of 12, to which I’ve added Holbien Cobalt turquoise, and Naples yellow Deep. When the Pthaylo blue ran out I replaced it with cinerous but i’ve been missing the Pthaylo. And the ultramarine was replaced with maybe a cobalt.  (I am more accustomed to using an ultramarine and a Pthaylo.) I’ve enjoyed all my paintboxes, each has its own charms.  I like a synthetic, round #10  or #12 BRUSH (something like this). Micron pen I use an 05(on the larger side but I like the smaller ones too). On Elizabeth’s advice I have been enjoying the blackwing PENCIL more and more, they are soft and make a dark mark but by varying the pressure you can get a wide variety of tones, and there is a terrific eraser right there on the end which is much handier than hunting around for a kneaded eraser.

watercolor sketching materials

Pictured above is a stack of my larger-scale sketch materials. That’s a multimedia SKETCHBOOK. The spiral makes it easy to use and it is an economical way to work with wet media.  In a pinch any notebook will do for dry media sketching and this month at staples these were on sale (back to school) for one penny!

*Please note that the underlined words are links to materials available online.

8 thoughts on “Watercolor sketching materials (Margaret)

  1. Yes, I hear you GS. Margaret and I often talk about this and about how there are times when sketching feels like it might interfere with, say a dinner or some other social situation… . More to the point, I sometimes worry that somebody might be put off by me not paying full attention…but then on the flip side, being able to sketch at these things is the reason I am able to go in the first place, since otherwise I’d probably decline and be in the studio working…

  2. Isn’t it a neat little kit! It isnt a big commitment of space so I am more likely to bring it with me and pull it out. Sue, I wonder if you might find the small scale a good way to start working more often in public. -While I prefer to work larger those tiny sketchbooks have allowed me to paint or draw when I otherwise would not have, opening up the possibilities exponentially.

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