Chintz Samurai

Color added to an existing sketch.  Being in the museum Wednesday reminded me of a sketch from a few weeks ago of a piece by Comme des Garçons which is currently on display in the 20th century gallery at the RISD museum (just steps away from temporary exhibition of impressionist work that includes a Van Gogh Drawing -thrilling to see in person). I returned to the sketch to add color.

dp2398_CDG copy.jpg
Sketch it first
Paint it weeks later

Museum sketching with color added later

dp2397 copy.jpg
After William T Aldrich

These began as demo sketches in the RISD Museums Center for Prints Drawings and Photographs. We began with simple shapes, in the lobby we spent a few minutes adding color.  Last night at my kitchen table I lingered over them and let the colors develop.

dp2399 copy.jpg
After John La Farge
dp2399_2 copy.jpg
After Johan Barthold Jongkind